Best Pisquera Aba in USA | Chile Spirits

The Story

Pisco ABA is traditional yet sophisticated. Going back to 1921, the distillery’s marvelous selection of the acclaimed South American spirit is the product of three generations tending grapevines and distilling the noble grape spirit artisanally.

Pisco production is entwined with Chile’s history, and it’s still very much craft-produced with time-worn methods. Still, the family-owned distillery has its aim in the future. 

Gold medals earned in both the International Wine & Spirit Competition and the San Francisco World Spirits Competition show Alba Pisco is of world-class quality. A hidden South American gem.

Best Pisquera Aba in USA | Chile Spirits
Best Pisquera Aba in USA | Chile Spirits
Best Pisquera Aba in USA | Chile Spirits

Recipe / Approach

The Aguirre family and their small 20-member team hand-harvest the golden Moscatel grapes in the arid region of Elquí, at the very edge of the driest desert on the planet, the Atacama. 

The ripe grapes are fermented with care on temperature-controlled vats before being distilled twice in the family’s sixty-year-old copper stills. After the low-and-slow, patient distillation, only the purest spirit, the ‘heart’ of each batch is bottled undisturbed. 

At ABA, they do everything artisanally, from picking the grapes to hand-placing the labels in each bottle. There’s lots of passion involved, and you can taste it in the nuanced Pisco.

Tasting Notes

Pisco Aba is the distillery’s flagship label. Among a vivid collection of Pisco, Aba is the catalog’s crown’s jewel and shines for its purity of flavor. 

The ancient grapes Moscatel de Alejandría become a 40°ABV crystal-clear spirit that offers the subtle, sweet scents or dried citrus peels, raw honey and wildflowers over a silken, smooth palate, leaving a gorgeous floral aftertaste. 

Delicious on its own, especially slightly chilled, Pisco Aba is also a versatile ingredient for a wide variety of cocktails. From the classic Pisco Sour to innovative mixologist creations. The sky’s the limit!

Best Pisquera Aba in USA | Chile Spirits
Best Pisquera Aba in USA | Chile Spirits


Pisco Aba is all about subtle scents redolent of one of the most ancient wine grapes on earth, the Moscatel.
Tangerine and orange peels, jasmine flowers and orange blossoms. The aromas fuse with a rustic honeyed core, livened by Pisco’s alcoholic warmth.

Maker’s Notes

Pisco goes back five hundred years to the arrival of the Spanish conquerors. The grapes in ABA’s estate are direct descendants of such historical vines. With the European influence also came the love for grape spirits, and Pisco was born.

ABA is a family business with a small team. All is done by hand with utmost care and passion for our national spirit, and that’s one good reason to enjoy our Pisco on its own, and experience Chile’s northern flatlands in each sip; our Pisco brings out a unique sense of place. 

Our Pisco shows its noble character in cocktails, too, so let your creativity flow!

Best Pisquera Aba in USA | Chile Spirits